Hi, I am Clarita!

I’m a passionate speakerpodcast host and entrepreneur dedicated to helping others live life to the fullest.

My focus is on health, wellness, and nutrition, encompassing physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. I have personally overcome cancer, and my journey has shaped my perspective. I offer retreats, meet-ups, and a range of products like The Wellness Journal, Ritual Boxes, and Digital Recipes to support your best life. Explore my offerings or contact me directly for more information.

My Story

In December 2017, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which initially came as a shock since I had no family history. Surgery became my only option, and I struggled to accept this new reality. However, I now realize that this experience happened for a reason. It transformed me into a stronger and healthier person, resetting my life in unimaginable ways.

Though hesitant at first, I’ve chosen to share my story to raise awareness about this disease and inspire others on a similar journey. After my recovery in December 2018, I am now living my life to the fullest as a mom, friend, sister, co-worker, runner, and cyclist. Having a second chance at life fills me with gratitude.

I want to empower others with actionable steps to pursue their dreams and goals. We have the power to shape our realities and create the lives we desire. If you’re going through a similar experience, I hope my story brings you comfort, peace, and the knowledge that you are not alone. I am now five years cancer-free and living my best life.

Topics Offered at Speaking Events

My cancer journey

How to build aligned habits and rituals

Nutrition and Wellness

Holistic Healing

The power of journaling


The Clarita Escalente Show

I interview guests from around the world, sharing their inspiring stories of hope and resilience. Gain valuable insights into diverse health journeys and broaden your perspectives with experts in health, wellness, and fitness.